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How to usher your kids into the future with digital skills.

It is impossible to miss the Technological take-over we are experiencing in the 21st century all brought about by digital literacy. 

Print literacy is important, however, its significance is constantly being threatened by the everyday advancements in the Technology space.

Children interacting as they acquire digital literacy

As a parent, you can not dismiss the importance of efficiently using Technology, from your smartphones to your laptops, to grocery shopping in the supermarkets, to even using ATMs to access your money in banks.

All of these and many more are ways in which our day-to-day lives are constantly being made easier and guess what?

It is people that are the pioneers of ALL THESE. 

Scientists and Technologists have been able to send people to the moon. Currently, there is talk about moving life to Mars. 

We are talking about interplanetary travels! 

Rain now falls in deserts, through Technology. Boosting agricultural, economic, and the overall quality of life of people around the world.

You are no stranger to all of these, and neither are you ignorant that Nigeria still has a lot of catching up to do!

Equipping your children with the tools they need to live great lives might be the singular greatest gift you can ever give them.

It all starts with ushering them into the future. 

They can beat the system, and export their brilliance. Technology is borderless and boundless.

So, what is digital literacy?

A student showing an animation photograph on a mobile phone which she made by acquiring digital literacy

What it means to be “literate” has evolved over the years. The definition used to be, “the ability to read, write, and do mathematical skills”. 

However, with all the advancements we have made, we are introduced to a new and more prominent type of literacy, “Digital literacy”. 

According to Martin, 2006, digital literacy is, “the ability to appropriately use digital tools and facilities to locate, manage, integrate, assess, synthesize, and communicate with others while constructing new knowledge, producing media expressions, and interacting with others in the context of particular life situations”. 

Martin, a. (2006)

Simply put, digital literacy goes beyond knowing how to take a selfie and post on social media.

Why Should Your Child Be Digitally Literate?

Children have a great advantage when it comes to learning. They assimilate faster and can explore their creativity, play, and build while learning. 

Asides from the fact that Tech is the new normal, there are several other lifelong developmental and career significance attached to this.

Some of them are:

Promotes educational advancement

Moving from a system where using cell phones in schools was banned, to a system where gadgets are now encouraged as learning aids should tell you something. 

The use of tablets and computers is so popular as school systems are now trying to get kids comfortable with the internet. 

Some learning experiences have been gamified to help them assimilate better too.

These are ways by which children feel at ease and confident to explore more.

Encourages Digital Equity

As you’re reading this, I do not doubt that you want the best for your child. Kudos to you!

However, being a Nigerian should not be a stumbling block for your child to do whatever they want. 

Giving your child access to digital skills will place them on par with their peers from countries all over the world. 

Your child will not miss out on any opportunities in any field they choose to pursue because they will have all the digital qualifications. 

Technology is Here to Stay

There is only going to be more progress and greater heights accomplished in this field. Putting your child on the path of limitless relevance is a good choice, not because we say so,  but because it is the fact.

Builds Problem-solving Skills

Those who will be the most sought-after are those who have critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

These are the class of people that will proffer solutions using their knowledge of technology to solve human problems as they arise. 

Your child being digitally literate will help him cultivate this skill as learning digital skills will spark his curiosity and make him more determined to solve problems.

Digital Skills and Tools are Transferable and Applicable to any Vocation

Nothing is as permanent as this careerwise. Learning digital skills is not limiting in any way. 

As long as your child has mastery of certain skills, he can apply them to any field, or industry. 

This is the beauty of digital skills. Machinery, software, and gadgets are constantly being built to improve all facets of life. 

Your child will have the opportunity to be an industry leader or revolutionize his field with the skills he has learned. 

What Digital Skills are Most Relevant for Kids to Learn?

This is the most natural question that comes to mind after reading all these. We can not discount any digital skills, or disprove the importance of any skills because they are all relevant.

However, some skills are more fitting for them to learn based on their interests and immediate application of those skills,  while some are reserved for adults who can understand human psychology. 

We have compiled a list of skills we believe are the most suitable for your child to learn, they are:

Software Engineering for Kids

Creative Design

Python for Kids

Mobile Animation

Computer Appreciation

Your Child, Ihifix Summer Bootcamp, and the Future

A student showing her digital literacy through a presentation

Ihifix Digital Academy is the place to enroll your child if you want to kick off their ride into the Tech world. With our track record of putting people on the path to digital success, we will be sure to replicate that in the Summer Bootcamp.

We are a futuristic digital academy. We combine the expertise of our trainers with their expansive experience to bring unparalleled value.

You don’t need to look any further for a place where that journey into the future will begin.

This summer break, instead of repeating the same old cycle, why not enroll with us to give them an early start into the future that is here?

Successful students holding their certificates of digital literacy

We look forward to seeing you and your child. Click HERE, to get more information on the Bootcamp that will set your child on the path to success. 


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