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Can Creativity and Tech Coexist?

Are the Critics Right? Is Tech Really Leaving No Room For Creativity?

Did you know that Technology grows by 2x every 18 months in processing data? 

Did you also know that Artificial Intelligence is estimated to hit $89.8 billion?

“How does this affect me?’ You may ask. Well, a number of people are concerned about human relevance in the foreseeable future. 

The first consideration for most people is losing their sources of livelihood to machines.

Then, if they would have to compete with these machines in creativity with their crafts. 

All these concerns are legitimate. We have seen the powerful things Tech can do, especially with Artificial Learning and Machine Language. 

Nobody knows this better than those who are heavily invested in Tech, so, most of these conversations are being had by them.

As a Tech organization, this is our cup of tea and we will answer all your questions objectively in this post, so make sure to read till the end.

What The Critics Say:

Many people have argued that with ease and access to information comes laxity and too much comfort for people to do extraordinary things. 

Too many studies have termed comfort as the bad guy when it comes to creativity. Some Psychology studies have shown that chaos is the drive for creativity.

Many people have become spoon-fed the information that they no longer seek to do something out of the ordinary.

People like this do not feel threatened or the need to do something out of their comfort zone since they have all they feel like they could ever need.

Critics are heavily against the over-simplification of things and they claim that even templates have been provided for almost everything we want to do. 

They have also pointed out how people, most of the time, turn to their smartphones at every chance they get, therefore, spending time doing less brain work and more mundane, time-wasting activities. 

While we can not outrightly say that they are wrong, we don’t agree..

Our Argument:

Technology itself is borne out of extraordinary creativity and its continued progression just speaks to the brilliant minds of founders and inventors of technology that makes our lives easier and better. 

To support this, over 45% of the jobs have increased in the creative economy since 1977, which has created 2.6 million jobs.

In the real world, the impressive leap that Technology has made from 10 years ago has sped up the creative process significantly.

Now, people have tools that help them achieve in a day or two what might have taken them a much longer time last ten years.

Technology has also made it less intimidating for amateurs to break into the Tech space to apply their creativity. 

What is termed as simplicity is just the breaking down of barriers to let more people in. 

What Technology has successfully done is give people more free time to explore their creativity and bring their imagination to life using those tools. 

Look At The Ways Technology Improves Creativity.

A brain with electric currents
  1. Access to Information

The huge database available on the internet has allowed people easy and quick access to information from all over the world without ever having to leave their desks or home. This means improved productivity and increased knowledge to make informed decisions

  1. Collaboration for Creatives

Forums, where people from all over the world inspire and share ideas among themselves, are now rampant online. These forums now form a community of like-minded individuals. 

Collaboration is a given with platforms like this. We know almost everything is possible when people join efforts and talents. 

  1. Feedback from Experts

You may have been on a social networking site and have seen where developers, designers, or writers are seeking the expert opinion of a veteran. 

This is what Technology can do — giving access to people who may have been otherwise unavailable. 

With guidance from seasoned individuals, creatives can grow, avert some unnecessary mistakes, and reach great heights.

  1. Advanced Tools

Professionals are ever grateful that they have tools that can translate their imaginations into reality quite efficiently. Technology has provided creatives with software and tools to make their work easier, faster, and yield the expected result.

  1. Reach to a global market

Creatives are no longer localized. Creatives now have access to a bigger audience to exchange their craft for money to make a living. Technology has helped connect people who have ideas or creativity with people who are willing to pay for it. 

What is our conclusion?

Technology definitely advances creativity. Technology is a tool used to better human life and experience and is not a replacement for humans as some people fear. 

When Technology is wielded in the hands of those who want to improve their lives would also enhance their creativity, make global connections, and live fulfilled lives. 

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