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Digital Literacy

When you think of digital skills, think of digital literacy. Having digital skills is equivalent to being knowledgeable about the digital world and also implementing the acquired knowledge.

Digital skills are the use of digital devices such as computers, mobile phones to access and manage information. The beauty of digital skills is in its continuity; it enables people to create and share digital content, it allows for individuals to easily search, find and use content with the aid of technologies and the internet.

   The importance of digital skills in today’s world can not be over-emphasized as it has become a requirement in today’s work environment and more importantly in our day-to-day activities. Browsing, sending emails, carrying out online transactions, using and creating content on social media are all basic digital skills. They are the everyday skills that an average individual can carry out without the need for special training.

However, Digital skills have gone beyond these basic skills which we know them as. The digital space keeps evolving, hence the need to improve. It has evolved to what can be called “Advanced Digital Skills”.

Advanced digital skills are progressive basic skills. It is the usage of digital devices in a professional setting such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The everyday change and discovery in technology always have an effect on digital skills. This brings the need to improve one’s skill and also to acquire a new one in order to remain relevant in today’s workspace.

These skills are in high demand and are shaping the digital world day by day. Having these skills sets you apart in your work; it is not limited to professionals in the tech world. Digital literacy is for everybody. Advanced digital skills, unlike basic digital skills, require training and consistency to master.  

 You are probably wondering what kind of skills we are talking about; they are not far-fetched and are in all likelihood familiar to you.

Software Engineering

software engineering

This is the design, execution, and maintenance of complex computer programs. It entails writing codes and also maintaining the codes over time. With software engineering, the majority of the apps we use on our mobile devices and computers are built. This is where the coders come in.

Creative Design

In the 21st century, the approach to design has moved from aesthetics to solution-based design. It is important to understand that humans are by the day inpatient recipients of information, designers are now more psychological than technical in proffering solutions to design-based problems. It is important that designs communicate to the end-users.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing is so vast that if not well handled, things could go wrong. It’s about knowing the right strategies to implement and being an expert on them. These strategies include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing among others. The beautiful thing about digital marketing is the connectivity it enhances between consumers and business owners.

To navigate the new terrain of digital marketing which is the new normal for social commerce, special digital skills are required.

Web Design

Website design

With website design comes accountability, data, and basic measurement. Progress of an organization can be measured with the availability of a website creating room for website analytics which entails gathering and interpreting the data of people using the platform. This helps businesses to know about the success or failure of their digital strategies.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

The rise of the internet ushered in connectivity, this is where social media comes to play. However, social media marketing is beyond just posting on the social space. It entails understanding the social media platforms and what content works for each of them. Social media marketing is all about a brand’s presence online and it has the tools that are peculiar to it.

Advanced digital skills are not limited to these; there are other fields of digital skills that include: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization, and many more.

Looking to acquire digital skills or increase your knowledge on one? There are many available courses online. However, if you are unsure of how to start, you can start digital skills training here.


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