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5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Skills

Do you have digital skills? Wondering how you can improve on it? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got just what you need to improve and learn new ones.

Every sector in modern society is transiting to the online space and the need for a digitally equipped workforce is pressing now more than ever. The pandemic has made every business imaginable shift to the online space which has made digital skills a priority for every individual to possess. 

It is glaring that everyone is in a race to keep up with the daily changes evoked by the growth of the digital realm.

Interestingly, for every industry, there is a digital transformation that creates opportunities that are of great advantage to the industry. Thus, there is a need for a firm grip on digital skills especially in the market, more competitive than before. 

Developing digital skills will open you to more opportunities in your career and more importantly help you contribute to society, however little it might be. 

 According to statistics gathered by the World Economic Forum, 54% of all employees will need significant reskilling by 2022 specifically for technical skills like programming and app development.  Simultaneously, one way to fill up this gap is to upskill or reskill to meet up the digital demand. 

This brings us to the ways to improve your digital skills or learn new ones:


     The internet has made learning so easy. With just a search, you can get free courses on any digital skill of your choice. The beauty of online training is the choices it allows the user. There are courses that allow you to choose the time, and hours you would like to learn. You can call it self-paced learning with no pressure. Online courses also open you to connectivity, you get to connect with other users (the students and tutors) and discuss knowledge acquired over time.


     Not all online courses are free. There are special digital skills that require in-depth knowledge and are intense. Such programs could be in the form of a  digital boot camp to teach the core features of digital skills. At our digital academy, we ensure our students are trained with high in-demand digital skills and transformed to work better in today’s workplace.


    The saying “practice makes perfect” sounds cliche but it is true. With constant use of your digital skills, you get better at it. You can liken it to learning a new language, the more you speak, the better you get at it. Find a way to integrate digital skills into your daily routine, this will go a long way in developing your skills and in keeping up with the latest development.

  • TEACH: 

    To teach, you need to be knowledgeable and your skill well-honed. In the place of teaching, you discover things about your digital skill. Your attention can be drawn to it through your trainees or associate trainers.


     Discover new developments in the digital space and how it affects your industry. There are lots of websites with content on the latest trends in the digital realm

In summary, learning with the daily use of digital technology will improve your digital skills. Stay on the digital trend, practice, up your skill with free and paid courses and don’t forget to teach. Teaching reinforces what you’ve learnt and opens you to understanding beyond what you know.

Looking for where to start a course? Our academy offers digital courses that are in high demand. Learn more about Ihifix Academy as we walk you through the process of learning in a convenient way. 


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