Every Step of your business growth should be Data-Informed Decisions. Make smarter decisions when reaching your target market.

Our interconnected approach to data allows our clients to do more with:

  • Data activation: Strategically integrate data and analysis into performance marketing processes
  • Data architecture: Clean and organize data to power better performance marketing planning and attribution
  • Data strategy: Remove barriers to accessing and using data via data teamwork workshops, data on-boarding, and data collaboration tools.
  • Data assets: Turn data sets into reusable assets that kickstart marketing initiatives

Our Approach 

The Three Main Components of Data-Informed Performance Marketing

  • Data: create a data strategy that integrates performance marketing data (which includes audience data) with your business outcomes data across all touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Insight: thrive in an insight-rich culture, inclusive of program dashboards, self-service reporting, apps, and data models in order to form insights that sit atop an analytics ecosystem that fuels performance marketing
  • Analytics: make aggregated and integrated data sets available to all marketing stakeholders in ways that can be easily merged into existing workflows and/or improved ways of working
  • Advertising: Make your digital advertising strategy work for your brand with the right mix of formats, creative design, and messaging to achieve your goals.