Current And Future Jobs Demand

Current And Future Jobs Demand

It’s fair to say that ‘digital skills’ is a very broad term that covers a wide range of knowledge and competencies. Everybody’s definition will be different and this makes it difficult for governments and organizations to design interventions to address digital skills needs.

Although baseline digital skills are important across all occupations, specific digital skills provide a gateway to middle and high-skills jobs. Many middle and high-skill occupations have a key digital skill area that lies at the heart of the job.

The report identified seven common requested clusters of specific digital skills, all of which are crucial for job-seekers looking to advance their careers and gain entry to higher-skill and higher-paying roles:

Productivity software

Software & programming

Computer & networking support

Digital analysis

Digital design

Digital marketing

Machining & manufacturing technology

One or more specific digital skills are required in 18% of low-skill jobs, 59% for middle-skill jobs and 67% for high-skill jobs.

Source: ForbesBlog

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