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Five things a website MUST have

     A structured website makes it easy for your clients and potential clients to find you among the various businesses online. Your business determines the type of website you need. See a website as a home for your business; a home on the internet.

   A website needs a domain name to be found: is a domain name. Your domain name has to be your business name, do not forget, the purpose of having one is to be found.

This is just one major thing that is required to set up a website but it doesn’t end there. Your website should be easy for clients and potential clients to navigate.

So, how do you know your website is really a WEBSITE?

  1. It should be Responsive: This bothers on the design. Your business website should be adaptable on mobile, tablets and desktops. The website should be able to automatically change to the sizes and resolution  of the devices. It should be easy to navigate and use. A user-friendly website is necessary if you want to be found online.
  • Search Engine Optimization:optimizing your site for search engine is very important. This will attract people to your site. Ensure your website is optimized for search engine, this will help your site to be discovered. Search is relevant to content because this is one of the ways users get what they need. When building a website, ensure your web-designer structure the HTML Code in a way that the search engines will be able to evaluate the page content.
  • Speed: These days, users are mindful of time and they have short attention span, you only have a second to grab their attention and sell to them. Your website should load quickly and behave properly. You can compress images to avoid thumbnail and slow  loading of the page.
  • Clear Navigation: design and build your website with your business goals and visitors’ desires in mind. Navigation will guide your visitors around your site making it easy to use. Visitors are always in a rush to get what they are looking for, you can include a search box on every page of your site for them to find it and whatever they are looking for. Your page layout should be consistent and colors should be appealing.
  • Feedback and Review: include a page for feedback and review from your clients. This will enable you to know how you doing and what to improve on. Include a phone number or mail where you can be contacted easily. A call to action.

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